Diane Gaidry assists her clients in identifying what they truly want in their lives.  She takes a strengths based approach in her coaching, focusing on each client’s unique values to help them understand what is and isn’t lining up with those values.  Through powerful questions, she supports her clients in creating goals and strategies for living a life that is genuinely meaningful and purposeful.  

The name Verite was inspired by cinema verite, a genre in which the audience is asked to draw their own conclusions and find their own meaning in these films.  Diane lived in Los Angeles for two decades where she co-founded the non-profit independent filmmaking collective, Filmmakers Alliance.  Throughout her involvement with FA, she supported numerous filmmakers in developing projects and making films that reflected their unique voice and vision.  Her belief that one must follow their hearts and realize their visions led her to pursue a career in life coaching.  She believes that each person who lives authentically and has the opportunity to offer their unique, innate gifts to the world, takes us one step closer to peace on this planet.

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